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Client Testimonials

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“If I weren’t retiring, I would give Dave Keech a try.  A few years back, Dave was the prosecution’s advisory witness/primary investigator on a five-day trial, which we did twice.  Dave had done a good job on the investigation, was fair to both sides on the stand, and made me laugh multiple times.” 
Tony Link, Criminal Defense Attorney 2000-2022, 

"Over the past nine years, I have had a number of opportunities to examine Mr. Keech in adversarial hearings where he was called by opposing counsel. Mr. Keech wrote thorough reports and testified professionally in those instances. If he transitioned to the private sector, I would consider hiring him in a criminal investigation." 
Kim Van Dyke, Criminal Defense Attorney,

"It requires an experienced and objective investigator to provide a complete picture, good and bad, warts and all, for counsel to prepare for trial and not be blindsided.  It's been my experience that David Keech is more than qualified to provide excellent investigative services"

Wm. Robert Wall. Former Counterintelligence Agent, US Army. 

CA/CO Licensed Private Investigator

“We used Dave to teach defensive tactics to private business K9 handlers. He did an amazing job. He was able to tailor it to their skill level, confidence level, and physical stature. We will use him again in the future.”

Deanie Earthman, 4DK9 Training

“No one writes a report as detailed or thorough as Dave Keech.  No one testifies with as much care and consideration as Dave Keech.  He shows integrity, confidence, and thoughtfulness on the witness stand.  Prosecutors highly respect him and will listen to his opinions.”

Brandon Luna, Criminal Defense Attorney,

As a former Deputy District Attorney for the 21st Judicial District, I can confirm that Dave is highly respected for his expertise and thoroughness, as well as his ability to recognize the strengths and weakness of a case.  He connects very well with juries and is confident and articulate on the witness stand.  I have also seen him in action in the training setting, where he is highly effective at communicating with his trainees and keeping them engaged.  I would not hesitate to hire Dave as a consultant, investigator, trainer, or expert.

Dan Belcastro, Criminal Defense Attorney

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