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Traffic, Crash, or DUI

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Who better to critique a DUI investigation than someone who has been

teaching Law Enforcement how to properly investigate impaired driving cases?

Traffic Case Review Services (Prepaid Flat Fee)

A Basic Review looking into the case, comparing the primary police reports and BWC footage and photographs to document errors and omissions that can be used in your case. My observations are provided in a short bullet point report for use in your plea negotiations.

A Full Review looking at all relevant discovery provided, a deeper review into the initial investigation still providing details of errors and omissions, with s detailed analysis of the investigation with alcohol calculations where possible. A written report is provided with an expert opinion of the case for testimony purposes if needed.

A Toxicology Review looking for compliance with sample collection and comparing toxicology results to impairment reported. Retrograde Extrapolation & Widmark Calculations included on alcohol concentrations, where possible.   


Investigation Services (Hourly with Retainer)

Case Review an hourly alternative to the prepaid version for use with non-traffic cases or if limited review is required.

Baseline Performance an evaluation of the subject under controlled sober conditions using either SFST or DRE standards to compare performance with impairment reported in reports.

Medical Research into any condition or medication that may have an influence on the case, plus review of medical records including primary care, specialist, emergency room and coroner’s reports.

Scene Surveys where practical, of the traffic stop, crash or incident location, witness locations and sobriety testing location with a focus on factors that may have affected the case.

Vehicle Inspection of vehicle(s) involved in a crash to document related evidence.

Vehicle Research into any reported mechanical issues relevant to the traffic stop or crash.

Subject Interviews with involved parties and other witnesses, also searching for additional witnesses.


Evidence Inspection of items already collected by the original investigators and searching for additional evidence.

Service of Process for court documents in connection with contracted cases.


Testimony Services (Prepaid per 1/2 Day)

Expert testimony in civil or criminal cases on knowledgeable topics after reviewing the case.


Blind testimony in civil or criminal cases on knowledgeable topics with no knowledge of the case particulars.


Witness preparation assistance to the attorney in preparing witnesses for the testimony process.


Advisory witness support of the attorney in court, listening to testimony and providing rebuttal testimony if needed.


Opposing counsel interviews at their expense and under approved conditions by the client.

Colorado Office of the Alternative Defense Council. 

I am registered with OADC as a Contract Investigator and DUI Expert Witness. 

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