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Legal Consultant

Impaired Driving
Traffic Specialist

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Who better to critique a DUI investigation than someone who has been

teaching Law Enforcement how to properly investigate impaired driving cases?

Case Reviews are prepaid at a flat fee rate based on the average time to complete the review. Testimony Services are charged at a flat fee rate for each half day under subpoena and include preparation time. Investigation Services are offered in a retainer plus hourly option, or a flat fee option as investigation time can be harder to predict. Travel Time is charged by the hour, where needed for the service requested, any lodging is preapproved and paid by the client.

Case Review Services

All reviews look for good and bad facts, any errors, or omissions, any discrepancies within the discovery, and compliance with the appropriate regulations. The reviews include a bullet point report of the findings of the review and a review summary with an expert opinion. The reports can be used to determine how best to proceed with the case, aid in negotiations with opposing counsel, or for a basis for testimony in court.  

The Basic Review is a review of the primary police reports providing a quick overview of the case but is limited due to the lack of digital discovery.

The Standard Review adds supplemental reports and digital discovery, which is where discrepancies tend to appear in the case as you review video footage and read other officer’s reports.

The Advanced Review includes the discovery reviewed during the standard level review but is designed for cases where a DRE was involved, and a drug influence evaluation was conducted in addition to the initial investigation.

Investigation Services

Scene Surveys where practical, of the incident location, witness locations and sobriety testing location. Looking for additional evidence and factors relevant to the case.

Evidence Inspections of involved vehicles and evidence collected by the initial investigators, to confirm information contained in reports and the relevance of the evidence to the case, along with looking for additional evidence.

Subject Interviews with witnesses, victims, and other involved parties to confirm statements and observations, asking additional questions, not asked previously and also searching for additional witnesses. These subjects can be served court documents in connection to the case also.

Baseline Performance involves putting the defendant through either the roadside sobriety tests or a drug influence evaluation under controlled sober conditions and then comparing their performance to that reported during the initial investigation. Especially useful when medical conditions are suspected as being responsible for the performance.

Testimony Services

Expert testimony after reviewing the case, limited by level of review completed.

Blind testimony on areas of expertise with no knowledge of the case particulars.

Advisory witness support in court, observing testimony and evidence, and providing rebuttal testimony.

Colorado Office of the Alternative Defense Council. 

Registered as a Contract Investigator and Expert Witness for DUI cases and Police Process.


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