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David Keech

David was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Colorado in 2004, settling in Grand Junction, Mesa County, on the Western Slope of Colorado.

David started training in the martial arts when he was a teenager, training in styles designed for the street, including open hand and weapons techniques. David then took these skills into the work of security and debt collection and later as a police officer, where he was often challenged. David has also taught his skills to students of all ages and abilities, including security guards, corrections and police officers.  


​David worked in the asset recovery business and spent ten years collecting debts, recovering assets, and investigating fraud on behalf of various financial institutions in the London area. After initially freelancing for multiple collection company, David moved into management, becoming responsible for about 100 recovery agents in the North London area. Recruiting, training, and managing their performance to exceed targets.     


​David also joined in the security industry. After initially starting to work in night club security, event security, working concerts and outdoor events were added. He also worked static security at commercial locations, courthouse security, loss prevention at retail locations, and close protection of clients. During this time David investigated both employee and patron thefts, using shift schedules, inventory counts and surveillance equipment to confirm suspects and then present the findings to the relevant authority.  


​In 2008 David volunteered for the Grand Junction Police Department, attended the local police academy, and became a sworn peace officer in 2009. Working as a patrol officer, answering calls for service, looking for suspicious activity and enforcing road traffic laws. He joined the Community Resource Unit for a four-year assignment in 2015, promoting crime prevention programs, community outreach and working special projects to solve various problems. He then returned to patrol and has been serving the community as a sworn officer for almost fourteen years, retiring at the end of 2022.

​David became a highly trained DUI investigator and instructor, teaching at his own agency, the local police academy, and around Colorado. He has been used several times by the District Attorney’s office to reconstruct impaired driving investigations conducted by other law enforcement officers, providing his own opinion. David has trained in various aspects of crash investigation too, realizing there are many factors to consider while investigating a crash. He has been qualified as an expert witness multiple times in DUI and traffic related cases, due to his training and having investigated hundreds of impaired driving and vehicle crash cases.    

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